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Are you a woman who is tired of feeling stuck in roles that don't serve you ?

Need clarity in your career or business?

Not sure how to move forward? 

Want to experience ALL that God has for you?



Hey There! 

I'm JoVonne Walker! 

I am Marketing Coach, Consultant and Author of I Did It God's Way and it is my mission to see people win at life and business. 


I don't know about you, but my hearts desire is to bring glory and honor to God so that I remain in a place of overwhelming blessings.

I am not saying that this journey in life has made it easy, but I will tell you that I have embraced enough life experiences to realize that my ultimate help comes from God and the best thing I could do is live for Him!

This, by far has helped me spiritually, personally and professionally. I've had jobs practically given to me, contracts made available out of what seemingly felt like nowhere, and peace beyond my wildest expectations.

I want to share more of my experiences and steps to overcome with you in my exclusive Unstuck on Purpose program.

I have teamed up with some incredible christian experts across the career, life coaching and business mentorship space to bring this program to life.


Join Unstuck on Purpose to establish quick wins in accomplishing all your God-given dreams.

Our Goal:

To establish quick wins in navigating stagnating environments and self-limiting beliefs to pursue purpose in life including career and business.  Inspired by the book, I Did It God's Way

Who is it for?

I am looking for women who want more but are stuck in roles that don’t serve them and are not sure how to progress and move forward



Week beginning August 25th - Week beginning  Sept 6th 



Live Sessions happening Wednesday and Thursday evenings

Benefits of Program

  • Access to Life Coaching

  • Access to Career Coaching

  • Access to Business Strategizing

  • Goal Clarity

  • Accountability

  • Ongoing support to push you to success

  • Renewed mindset training

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

Results of Program

  • Career Path Clarity

  • Business Path Clarity

  • Community of Supporters

  • Stronger Relationships

  • Life focus clarity

  • New found freedom to experience more

  • Victories in personal and professional growth


6 Weeks. Virtual Sessions. 

Investment:  $1000

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